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The S. A. Y. Vocational Program serves Wilson County Youth ages 14-17 who are  at-risk academically, behaviorally,  at-risk of gang involvement or court-involved .  Referrals are made by school counselors, court counselors, parents and other service agencies.  The program is provided at no cost for eligible participants.


The program teaches the youth marketable employment skills in the areas of computer technology-building and repair, advanced computer skills/soft skills, culinary arts and hardwood flooring  installation and maintenance.  In addition students work on character building, team work, anger management and conflict resolution.  A youth counselor/parent liaison works with the youth and their families to provide guidance and education regarding available family resources.  The program operates on Saturdays from 8:30 am-3:00 pm for 48 weeks.  Forty weeks are devoted to hands-on skills training and 8 weeks focus on community service projects and field trips to enhance both vocational and social skills.  Breakfast and lunch are provided for the youth participants and transportation is  available. The program culminates with a graduation ceremony that brings together the youth, their families and the community.  

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